• You are kindly invited to send your abstract to AGORA CAUMME 2020 which will be held ONLINE on November 25-27.  

  • Participants must send their abstracts in .doc or .docx file format.

  • All abstracts submitted to the conference undergo blind review process by two anonymous reviewers. The reviewers are chosen from the conference’s scientific review board.

  • AGORA CAUMME 2020 will e-mail you directly with a decision within 21 days after abstract submission.

  • Submit your abstract of Max 350 words. Please follow the abstract template attached below. You are kindly requested to follow the format carefully.

  • We encourage you to send informative abstract (complete abstract) which is a compendious summary of a paper’s substance including its background, purpose, methodology, results, and conclusion.

  • The primary language of the conference is English. 

  • Acceptance or rejections of the paper will be sent to you with reviewer comments. If the paper is required to be revised, the revised paper is needed to be sent back within a week.

  • The text should be in English, American or British usage is accepted, but not a mixture of both.

  • For the Abstract Template, please

Please send your abstract to: agoracaumme@gmail.com 

Deadline for abstracts submission is extended to October 02 2020