PAUMME - Projects of Architecture and Urbanism in the Mediterranean and the Middle East


PAUMME 2020 – Projects of Architecture and Urbanism will hold an exhibition and competition as parts of the Joint Event AGORA CAUMME 2020 in the German University in Cairo on November 25th – 29th 2020.


The main objective of the exhibition is to foster the integration of Mediterranean and Middle East identities into contemporary parameters of Architecture and Urbanism. It emphasizes and values the role of Architecture and Urbanism as a platform for social cohesion. PAUMME pursues to highlight and commend the excellence in Mediterranean and Middle East Architectures in creative works which are less than three years old and to involve students and professionals, and to engage young architects and researchers to interact, and promote Architecture and Urban quality designs in the region.


The Exhibition targets students and professionals of Architecture and Urban Design. Anyone interested in displaying their projects is welcome to participate in the exhibition and competition.

Submitted projects can be built or unbuilt works produced within the past 3 years. Projects are accepted under any Architectural and Urban themes.


  • All submitted projects will be included in a special section of the proceedings book of AGORA CAUMME PAUMME 2020 with ISBN number. Participants must provide brief description in English of the respective projects with a maximum of 350 words and a representative image of the proposal. Specific conditions for the submissions will be communicated coming July 2020, together with the identities of the three jury panel members, which will be:

  • The President of the event

  • Member of organization committee of AGORA CAUMME PAUMME 2020

  • Member of the Founding Advisory Board of AUMME



Students Category:

  • Certificate of participation for all candidates

  • Honorable mentions for the best 10 projects

  • Cash Prize for the best Architecture project: 1000€

  • Cash Prize for the best Urban project: 1000€


Professionals Category:

  • Certificate of participation for all candidates

  • Honorable mentions for the best 10 projects

  • Cash Prize for the best Architecture projects: 2000€

  • Cash Prize for the best Urban project: 2000€

  • Plaque of recognition for the first Architecture and the best Urban projects


For Registration 

Process 1- Click on "NAME REGISTRATION" below to Fill information

Process 2- Download the layout template required for PAUMME. Please select only one layout that fits your project.

Process 3- After receiving the project, we will send you the information regarding the registration payment method


Deadline for name registration extended to: July 10th 2020

Deadline for submitting the project: November 02nd 2020

Deadline for registration fees: August 24th 2020

*** The organizers of PAUMME have the right to cancel the competition if the number of participants did not reach the required number to form a successful contest. İn this case, the fees will be reduced and the exhibition remain on time but the award ceremony will be canceled.

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