PAUMME - Projects of Architecture and Urbanism in the Mediterranean and the Middle East


PAUMME 2020 – Projects of Architecture and Urbanism will hold an exhibition and competition as parts of the Joint Event AGORA CAUMME 2020 in the German University in Cairo on November 25th – 27th 2020.


The main objective of the exhibition is to foster the integration of Mediterranean and Middle East identities into contemporary parameters of Architecture and Urbanism. It emphasizes and values the role of Architecture and Urbanism as a platform for social cohesion. PAUMME pursues to highlight and commend the excellence in Mediterranean and Middle East Architectures in creative works which are less than three years old and to involve students and professionals, and to engage young architects and researchers to interact, and promote Architecture and Urban quality designs in the region.


  1. PAUMME 2020 will be based on virtual presentation of your project in a special session to be held coming November 27th.

  2. Each participant will be given 07 minutes to present their respective projects.

  3. 1st place winners of each category (students and professionals), in both Architecture and Urban themes will receive certificates of the best projects in the AGORA CAUMME PAUMME event.

  4. The communication of the best project will be done according to the votes of two panels: the one integrated by selected professionals and academicians, as well as a second panel integrated by all attendees of the AGORA CAUMME PAUMME 2020.

  5. All the Projects will be included in the preconference online proceeding with ISSN, and the best ones will be asked to write an extended abstract to be included in a book to be published with ISBN (Online and print) after the conference.