Abstract Submissions Deadline 


Agora CAumme

10th July, 2020

Early Payment Deadline

Agora CAumme paumme

21st July, 2020

Regular Payment Deadline

Agora CAumme 

24th August, 2020

Last Notification for Full-Paper Acceptance

Agora CAumme

02nd October, 2020

Conference Program

01st November, 2020

Conference Launch

25Th November, 2020

Notification of Abstract Acceptance

Agora CAumme

21 days from the submission date

Full Paper Submission Deadline

Agora CAumme

31st August, 2020

Invitations &

Letter of Visa (for delegates who need visa entry)

31st august, 2020

Late Payment Deadline

Agora CAumme 

09th October, 2020

Presentation and posters Submission deadline

Agora CAumme paumme

02nd November, 2020

Important Notes

1- AGORA and AUMME do not offer financial support to the applicants. Payment should be done prior to the event. Payment during event days is strictly prohibited.

2- Each submission should have at least one main author who should pay the full fees, even if the main author is a Master’s or a Ph.D. candidate, and even if the author won’t be able to attend the event.

3- Payment must be done in order to obtain any official document from GUC, such as Letter of Visa and Letter of Final Acceptance.

4- Authors who intend to participate with more than a research paper or project, will automatically be awarded 20% discount on each extra submission.

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