AGORA is a research platform initiated by the department of architecture and urban design at the German University in Cairo, in collaboration with the University of Palermo. The platform presents an interdisciplinary research tool and cooperation projects. The establishment is initiated on the spirit of ancient Agora, aiming to widen the vision of the Mediterranean studies between the three continents; Africa, Europe, and Asia. Research subjects are being addressed annually with focused vision on up-rising questions related to the Mediterranean basin.

In the last few decades, many cities are experiencing economic, social, and spatial physical changes in its urban structures. Today, we find ourselves at the juncture of entering a post-urban era that presents new challenges to our regions and cities. Many cities and towns are experiencing an increasing number of complex problems regarding internal relations and external connections. These problems directly reflect on the structural realm of the city.

In view of that, AGORA studies and reflects on the validity of cities’ structures in the 21st century. It provides a refreshing perspective on two main agendas: Urban Informals and Urban Transformation, under the umbrella of four main methodological themes: Urban Landscape, Urban History, and Socio-Economics, and Geo-Politics.



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